There’s a Craze of public holid(aze)!

Sometimes I totally forget that it’s a public holiday..when it’s a public holiday!! like today.  My alarm went off at 7.00am. Nothing new. Went about my usual routine- Stretch, put  kettle on, check weather, decide on what to wear, flick on TV -see what’s happening on Expresso show> and that’s when I realised, today is Easter Monday!  Whoopeeee:)

After all the speckled-egg eating that went on yesterday, I felt I needed to burn a few calories before they got the better of me. Unfortunately, being a public hol, Transfit- the gym that I go to in Claremont, was ca-losed:(  Weather looked a bit rainy for an outdoor run,  so I decided to hit up Virgin Active.

Having said that I need to get back into running in my last post, I put that thought into action and  jumped on the t(d)readmill. Wow, I could feel my hips were really tight. But my mind soon wondered onto the little TV screen on the front of the machine. I don’t know if  I am the only one.. but I find them SO distracting- no, not in a good way- (which I’m sure is the purpose!) It was the most annoying thing ever!! (Ok I DID happen to get just a teensy bit absorbed in the coverage of the ROYAL WEDDING!)  but really.. I guess I’m just one of those people that like peace and quiet in my own head when I’m running. I’ve never had an iPod and have never felt the need for one.. because for me, there’s nothing better than zoning out and sorting through my own personal file(s) of thoughts while my body exerts itself.  I think of it as therapy, in a sense.

Am I the only one that doesn’t like these gadget-y TV, audio thingy’s???

On a completely different note- I am beyond excited! I am going to be seeing this lovely lady this afternoon:)

One of my best friends from childhood. I havent seen her in over a year and she is in town for the week! Lots of catching up to do.



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