Teatime Tuesday

What woke me this morning was not my alarm, but rather the gushing and wooshing sound of the icy wind that whipped its way through the Cape Town city bowl. Enveloped in my little cacoon of a duvet, I felt like Dorothy being carried off in a tornado. No,  really!  One thing I could be sure of-  I did NOT want to leave my bed!

Once I came around to the idea that I actually had no choice, I braved the kitchen and its terrifyingly ice cold tiles to switch the kettle on. Tea was what I needed. A hot, steaming cup of warmth.

Those that know me well, won’t deny the fact that I love Green tea, and I recently was given this Qi ginger one by my mom who knows that I enjoy making my own fresh ginger honey tea AND that I have a penchant for green tea- best of both worlds! (see where I’m going with this?)

So I decided it would be the perfect thing to warm me up on an icy morning like today. Although ginger is traditionally used to aid digestion, it also helps in warding off winter ailments.

This tea is made of 40% green tea with 39% ginger and then some apple and orange flavour.  What I enjoy about it is that the ginger doesn’t overpower and the sweet spiciness doesn’t burn your throat like it can do sometimes. It’s produced by Fairtrade  and is 100% organic.  You can get a box of 25 bags for around R29.00 at most health/wellness type places- and I know they stock it at Giovanni’s 🙂

On a different note- I’m feeling inspired today to bake something with coconut.  Actually I think I’m just coveting the smell of toasted coconut in my house on a cold day.  Is there anything better?!


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