Date Night at La Mouette

Dinner on Wednesday evening took place at La Mouette with my darling friend Vanessa (who is also a chef and heads up the kitchen at newly opened Dear Me Food World– stay tuned for a post on that soon!)

 Neither of us had eaten there before and I was very intrigued to try their famed and highly celebrated cheese and truffle croquettes! Seeing that the April special was still going (6 courses for two people, R240) we decided without hesitation to go ahead with it and have the wine pairings too. Very ambitious for a school night! Vanessa has been extremely busy at Dear Me for the last few weeks and so I was grateful to be awarded some of her very precious time!!

I’m not going to go through the entire menu and pick each dish apart BUT I will say that my favourite was the croquette course. It was served on a long rectangular dish, 4 individual croquettes per portion served atop a Basil cream sauce. I would have enjoyed a bit more sauce than was served, and perhaps a touch more seasoning in the croquettes.

 The highlight though, which took the dish to a whole new level, was the paired wine-  Graham Beck Game Reserve Chenin Blanc 2009.  I found the wine had very subtle acidity (something I am rather sensitive to) and although there was lot of creamy richness in the food, the lack of acid didn’t diminish the pairing’s success.

The wine offered flavours of fresh tropical fruit with hints of lime and lemongrass and a weightiness that balanced perfectly with the crispy croquettes. Definitely a style that I enjoy when it comes to white wine. (Need to remember to obtain a case or two for when summer rolls around!)

This is Vanessa’s direct description of the wine : “It just goes KAPOW! in your mouth!”  — (in a good way, obviously!)

 Besides for the food and wine, which were both fabulous- I was mightily impressed with the service- slick and professional but also laid back, warm and friendly. The decor is just gorgeous and the fireplace upstairs is a great draw card during these frosty winter months.

 I have to say though, that the company made the evening. I could have eaten at KFC and still had a great night. Time spent with special friends, to me, is priceless no matter where you are.



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