Chocoholic shares the love this May

I have always been a fan of Vida e Caffe. Mostly because of the mini Lindt chocolates that they give you with your order!

Their coffee is not bad, although I will say that I have had far better, but on my convenience scale, they sit quite far up. If I am rushing anywhere and know that my body will NOT function without a shot of caffeine .. I know that heading to a Vida will be a painless exercise. 

Stop. Park.  In. Out. coffee+Lindt. Happy:)

I’m not sure what gave me the idea but I have decided that my little “initiative” for May is therefore to share by coffee experience and give my  prized Lindt to the car guard that looks after my car (while I so shamelessly arrive back brandishing an R18.00-R20.00 cup of joe.) It’s the least I can do right? I mean who doesn’t like chocolate?!

It might make his day. I know it would make mine! But then, that’s just me.


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