Send Care Packages!!

There was something about the weather today in Cape Town (overcast, gloomy and grey) that made me want to wake up and find a care package waiting for me outside my door. You know the ones your mom used to send you if you were far away from home… or when you had just had an operation and deserved some TLC… or when you were having a seriously bad week and just needed, well, CARE!

Usually it would include some food. Good food always makes one feel better.  I have recently ascertained that I am actually an emotional eater. I eat when I’m bored and when I’m sad or lonely (Gosh, I sound like such a depressive!)  I would imagine my care package would contain a few  Lindt Lindors

a batch of homemade health rusks


 Maybe some delicious tea

A cleansing, refreshing facial mask

Maybe a fresh new colour nail polish for winter

A pretty headband – a la Blair Waldorf 🙂

And of course some cute fluffy slippers to keep my toes warm and snugly

Last but not least… some foodie magazines to salivate over


Oh… and a big jar of peanut butter!


That would be nice wouldn’t it?

(Mom, I hope you reading this!!!!)


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