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Bo Kaap

Rose Street

Haas Collective

(Those are the three keywords for this post).

I’m busy doing a story on the new gallery that has become part of the Haas Collective brand. The launch was on Friday evening and I was fortunate enough to attend. Not really knowing what to expect (I’m ashamed to say I haven’t yet had the opportunity to experience the much lauded coffee for which Haas is so well known for in foodie/coffee drinking circles).

I chatted to one of the owners, Glyn and he gave me a grand tour of the collective. All I can say is- wow! Such an amazing brand that seems to be young (only a year old) but growing at an exciting and rapid pace.

Just 3 months ago they introduced Haas coffee and with it, the controversial Kopi Luwak which is said to be the most expensive coffee in the world! Reason being (or one of the reasons) is that the coffee bean is ‘processed’ by the Indonesian Luwak civet, and comes at an extreme cost of R730 for 250g, and R80 per cup. Ouch.  As I said, I have not tasted any of their coffees but my friend Katelyn who is the food editor at Top Billing has, and says it is amazing! I trust her judgment.

Now, what was I saying? Oh yes! The gallery!  Glyn explained to me that the gallery is going to be an exhibition space for local artists (90%)and then some international guys too. They are doing something very exciting with someone who worked with Alexander McQueen, towards the end of May.  Mark your calendars!

As well as the gallery and the coffee shop, Haas also consists of a communications agency and a smaller design shop. AND…we can expect more  in the pipeline. It seems like there is no stopping these guys!

At the moment, the gallery is exhibiting work of local Capetonian artist Dale Lawrence. His work is extremely precise- he uses nonsensical graphs and diagrams to express the language of information architecture. The stuff he produces really makes you think.

The launch was fabulous. The space is bright, minimalistic with simple but effective structures and an overall serene atmosphere. It definitely lends itself to a wide variety of art forms.

As one lady said, “you can come here in your slops, or your stiletto’s”.

I don’t own Stiletto’s… so that works for me!

Haas Collective Gallery
t  021 422 4413
67 Rose Street
Bo Kaap
Cape Town



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  1. andy says:

    Nice Tess!!

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