Crow pose and Coconuts

Have you ever had moments when you come up against something and automatically, without hesitation, that little voice inside your head says:


“You can’t do that”

“It’s never going to happen” ?

Don’t say no, because we all have.

Before I started practising yoga at the beginning of the year (it was sort of a New Year’s resolution but not really… I just knew I wanted to add more to my training and thought that doing something quite “Zen” would be a good way to start the year). I had very low expectations and told myself that if I really didn’t like it, then I would simply stop. No point in forcing yourself to do something if you don’t enjoy it.

 I’ve always been into more conventional forms of exercise anyway- swimming, lots of running/trail-running etc so I held on to the notion that I was probably going to get bored sitting still in some perculiar pretzel-looking cross-legged position  chanting “Om” for 90mins.

Well, let me tell you right away- the truth is that I have fallen in love with yoga. Yes, I’ve only been at it for 5 months but the benefits I have reaped in that time alone have been nothing short of phenomenal. No, really!

This was proven on Friday night. I went to a hot Vinyasa class and one of the asana’s was Crow pose. I am still working really hard at balancing poses but this one I find particularly challenging and never dreamed that I would actually get it right for AT LEAST a couple of years… But you know what? I held it! Properly!  I really did.  And It. Felt. Fantastic! Purely because that voice inside my head said it wasn’t possible…and here I was proving it so darn wrong! Go Me!!

Now, if you are familiar with hot yoga, you’ll know that it’s done in a heated room of up to 39 degrees C. Which means…you sweat!  Like, a lot!!!! Such a good way of detoxifying your body.  Obviously one therefore loses a great deal of water which is why it’s so important to keep hydrated.

I generally am pretty good about chugging water after a class but the other day while trawling the aisles of my second home favourite store (Wellness Warehouse), I came across this brand of coconut water, made by O.N.E (One Natural Experience).

Let me just tell you that it is my new best post-workout drink. It tastes delicious-not sweet and “processed” like you would maybe expect but very clean and refreshing. It is also perfect for re-hydrating as it contains all 5 electrolytes that are found in human blood, as well as calcium, phosphorus, sodium, magnesium, and potassium (15 times more than most sports and energy drinks), making it a very nutritious drink too.  

Plus, how cute is the packaging?!

Give it a try next time you’re looking for something more than just your average H2o.

I know that most of the Kauai’s at Virgin Active sell it at around R20 but Wellness sells it for R12.99 (a lot less!)

Happy Hydrating!



One Comment on “Crow pose and Coconuts”

  1. Sally Purdon says:

    Nice work teacup girl!

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