Tea Makes it Better

What do you do when the weather in Cape Town is like this?

Its cold. Its miserable. Not raining. Not windy. Just plain “bleh”!

You’re tired, you have a slight headache, your quads are sore, your skin is dry, your laundry needs to be done, you don’t know what to eat for dinner (you want soup but too lazy to make it), you realise your bank account is looking very sad and you cannot stop thinking that you MAY have won double-tickets to the Good Food and Wine Show..but the waiting-to-hear is killing you.

Only One thing to do – Have TEA !!

This is definately my go-to tea. I’ve been drinking it for about 3 years and still love it. I introduced my mom to it and she seems to enjoy it too. But not as much as me.

Its a green tea with a lemon and lime flavour so the citrusy-ness makes it really refreshing and light. As I said I love it and can easily sip through about 5 cups a day. (Probably not the greatest idea as green tea actually has a load of caffeine in it!)

This particular one is made by Five Roses and there’s really nothing fancy about it. Also, its R13.00 or so for 20 teabags at any local supermarket, so not pricey at all.



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