City Bowl Market

I have been meaning to check out the new market in Cape Town. It’s about a km away from my apartment in Hope Street. Yes, its in town- and indoors (which is SO convenient in this very chilly and wet weather we’re experiencing at the moment!)

It had just started to rain when I arrived and the place was humming. It wasn’t packed but you definitely had to watch where you were going and not let your eyes wonder for too long down the rows of breads, oils, pesto’s, tarts, truffles, honey’s etc..

A friend of mine, Janel was at the market last week and she filled me in on what to expect.

It is a lot smaller than the Biscuit Mill, that’s for sure, but it has a lot of the same kind of general foodie products.  My favourite though is without a doubt the fresh produce stand that greets you as you make your way across the entrance.

Brimming with plump and healthy-looking fruit and vegetables, the stand is well-run and neatly put together, which always makes it easier when trying to navigate your way around the person who’s toe you’re standing on or the little girl singing “Jesus Loves Me” in front of you.

I was also mighty impressed with their low prices!

After much umming and aahing.. I walked away with a lovely big head of cauliflower, a bunch of leeks, some brocolli and 500g of okra (which I was so excited to find! it reminded me of eating fried okra in South Carolina last year).

Anyway, I’ve decided to make some soup with the cauli and leeks. Can never say no to a big bowl of creamy soup!

before I left the market I did a run-through of all the stalls again to see if I had missed anything.

I picked up some samoosa’s for my flatmate Pete who was hungover at home. (Think he appreciated the grease! 🙂 ) and then gave in to my sweet tooth by getting a gluten-free Choc chip Peanut Butter cookie (Good to know the market caters for food intolerences! … not that I’m intolerent- just observation).


I wanted a coffee too but the queue was too long.  Meh!

Next time!



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