Vanilla Rooibos Soda

So as you can see… I popped into ‘the Warehouse’ today. Just can’t keep me away from that place!  The main reason was to pick up my stash of rolled oats (I buy the Health Connection Wholefoods brand and they’re much cheaper at WW than anywhere else).  

While I was in the store browsing and affectionately oggling all the costly products on my ‘wish-I-could-have’ list (think coconut oil, cacao nibs, Maca powder, almond butter etc.) , I came across an interesting-looking beverage.

Now, if you’re new to my blog, you must know that I love tea! And what immediately shook me out of my reverie and grabbed my attention was the label that read ‘Vanilla Rooibos soda’.  I was intrigued.

Made by Chill beverages in Stellenbosch under the brand Innesense, the range also includes a cloudy lemonade, ginger beer and an ‘old fashioned’ crème soda (all carbonated). At just R6.95, I had to give it a try.

Not only does it contain vanilla and Rooibos (which I both love), but the label states that it is preservative and artificial flavouring/colourant free…which SOUNDS likes it should be healthy and all, but let me stop you right there- it contains quite a hefty bit of cane sugar, the worst kind of sucre you should be consuming. Sorry, I’m hugely aware of this kind of stuff. 

Having said that, it didn’t stop me from busting off the cap and imbibing the sweet vanilla-ry iced tea. (curiosity got the better of me).

Although the packaging is quite cool and it claims to be ‘natural’- I don’t think it will be a drink I will rush out and buy again. It just didn’t taste authentic enough for me.  Maybe it was the carbon bubbles and the ‘caramel colourant’ that made me think I was drinking Vanilla coke.

Oh well… can’t knock it till you’ve tried it right?



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