Memories of The Low Country

I went to the library last week and abitiously left brandishing five novels. As you might imagine it took me forever to decide which one I was going to start reading first.

Naturally I settled on the one with the prettiest picture on the front (clearly judging a book by its cover! Excuse the pun)

I later (upon reading the blurb) discovered that it’s set in South Carolina- Charleston and Hilton Head, two places I visited last year.

Anyone will tell you that having physically been to a setting or location of a book/movie/TV programme, will always evoke more relevance/significance for you. (Side note: I also went to Savannah where Forest Gump was filmed!)

Anyway back to the book- after making my way through the first couple of chapters I started to get nostalgic and wanted to be back in the beautifully charming city of Charleston (ya’ll!).

All the splendour and opulence of the Gerogian houses along ‘Battery Row’, the creamy shrimp ‘n grits, sweet iced tea and not to mention all the illustrious clothing boutiques and art galleries opening onto King Street. It all made me wistful.

I would happily leave this foul Cape Town winter in a heartbeat, in exchange for humid, sultry evenings in the Low Country.


Luckily for armchair travel, the novel allows me to do just that.

Catcha later peeps, I’m off to get me some she-crab soup!



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