Foul weather Friday


Yip! It’s another cold, rainy day in Cape Town.

Sometimes this weather really makes me feel benoud(sp?) !!! I keep thinking what I would give for a nice sunny day and a run on the promenade… other times (like today) I feel like cranking up my oven, scooping my hair into a high, messy ponty-tail, donning a pretty pink apron and baking the day away…

I’m thinking cupcakes?

or choc-chip cookies?

hmmm… maybe a big lemon meringue pie?



oh, or how about a batch of blondies?

What’s that you say?

Exams on Monday? pfffffffffffft… exams exshmams! Yawn.

I think I’ll rather go with the weather- and it says CUP CAKES !!!!

In, the meantime- I’ve already chugged about 4 cups of this!


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