I Love Surprises

Yesterday was my mom’s birthday but sadly I wasn’t able to spend it with her as I’m in Cape Town and she’s in the Eastern Cape. I missed her birthday last year too as I was out of the country.

Anyway while I was talking to her on the phone, she was telling me what she was having on her birthday dinner menu. It all sounded delicious! I think she probably felt bad that I wasn’t there (in which case I would have been involved in the preparations etc).

So, to my surprise, and subsequent excitement- I found this waiting for me when I got back home from yoga this morning!!

How cute is she??!!! She sent me a little care package of all the stuff she knows I like! – so that I could have a “birthday lunch” for HER!!  (she also knows I’m about to start writing exams on Monday so need all the comfort food I can get at this point!)

Surprises like this make my day:)

I’m also glad that the sun has finally appeared in Cape Town.  Definitely going for a walk on the prom later.

But first… I must have tea!

Happy weekend ❤




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