Anyone for Shoofly Pie?

Ok, Please say I’m not the only one that has never before heard of  “Shoofly Pie” ?!

I was looking for something in my Food Lovers’ Companion yesterday and stumbled upon this entry.

What what?

After taking a closer look, this is what it said:

Thought to be of Pennsylvania Dutch origin, the extremely sweet filling of shoofly pie is a mixture of molasses, brown sugar, water and butter. There are several stories concerning the origin of the pie’s name. One is that it’s so sweet that one must shoo away the flies; another declares that the pie was originally made to attract flies away from other foods.

I hope it’s the first explanation because really, making something to attract flies away from other food, in my mind, is a waste of precious ingredients.

Sometimes I wonder to myself what those guys were thinking back in the day?!

although I’m guessing that in 500 years time people are going to be saying the same things about us!

“They really took steak, froze it in liquid nitrogen, shattered it and then put in a soup?!’

I must just say that not a single bone in my body has any desire to re-create a shoofly pie- but I found a recipe which you can try out if you feel you’re having “fly problems”.  Who knows? It might work.

But if you’re like me, you’ll rather pretend you’re Serena Williams and zap them one by one with a fly swatter.

The feeling of accomplishment I would think is far greater.



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