Love Water

So, I have a tiny secret..

I’ve been sneakily sipping this for the past few days

What it is, you ask?

Well, let’s just say it was given to me by an old wrinkled woman who said that if I drank it every morning for 7 days I would meet a prince with an impressively large bank balance, who would look into my eyes, sweep me off my feet, and whisk me off into the sunset with him…

okaaaay okaaaay!

I actually just bought the water myself.  Are  you happy now?! 

I spotted it yesterday and let me be honest- whoever does the marketing had me hook, line and sinker!!

Firstly, I’d be lying if I said it didn’t taste like the water that comes out my kitchen tap, but how gorgeous is the bottle?!!  you can read all about the initiative on Terri’s blog (she was involved with the project).

I’m totally going to use the empty bottle as a vase! So cute.

They come in three different..umm.. flavours??




You should really try it, and even if no princes magically appear- don’t you think it’d be  cool to check out  people’s reactions when they see you walking around drinking  “love water” ?! 

I do!



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