My Morning At Dear Me

On Monday morning while my car was at the ‘Doctor”, I had a few hours to kill. So I did what any warm-blooded Capetonian would do…I headed to Dear Me for some coffee to warm up!

While sipping my Latte and paging through foodie and fashion mags at the warm cosy window seat,  in walked a tall, extremely attractive individual with what seemed to be a large camera bag slung loosly over one shoulder.

After observing for a while and chatting to my friend Vanessa, it appeared that Dear Me are in the process of ‘renovating’ their website and needed some shots of the food (hense the presence of the photographer dude- who’s name I later found out was Adrian!)

Having most of the morning free and being sort of at a loose end- I was invited by Van and Adrian to ‘hang out’ at the shoot.  What fun!

Here are just a few of my own (amature) shots of the morning..

PS. Be sure to check out the new Dear Me site when it goes live!


Love the fact that even though she works day and night in a busy hot kitchen, Van remains stylish in jeans and pumps!!

Dear Me’s famous Eggs Benedict looking suitably impressive!!!

Chef de cuisine 🙂


Just a light drizzle of Gluwein syrup” .. Holy Yum !

Oh Behave!!!”

-And that’s a wrap folks !



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