Love From There And Here

Sjoe!!  This past week has been so busy and I’ve hardly had a moment to blog (which is a horrible feeling)…BUT, in between filing stories, pre-6am trips to gym, farewell soirees for colleagues and getting surprise packages of peanut butter, Girl With a Teacup has been sashaying around the Blogosphere and doing something a little  different.

A few months ago I was approached on twitter by the lovely Canadian, Charlotte Senini who asked me if I would be interested in contributing to her gorgeous blog – Love From There and Here. Together with her friend Chelsea, the girls share aspects of their lives from Canada and South Africa respectively (Charlotte spends half of her time here in SA and the rest in her native land of the maple leaf).

The brief sounded intriguing… she wanted me to do a guest post together with another food blogger from Canada, which would echo the style and format of Love From There and Here.  We were both given the same ingredient and asked to come up with a recipe. Both of our posts were  juxtaposed so one would be able to see the different interpretations side by side.

I had such fun with it!

Head over to Love From There and Here to see what I did !!!!

(Thanks Charlotte and Chelsea for the great opportunity!)



2 Comments on “Love From There And Here”

  1. Charlotte says:

    Tessa – Thank you so much for being a part of our blog. We loved having you, and your recipe sounds to die for! Also, thanks for this shout out 🙂 We have so much fun with our blog and hope other people are enjoying it too. It started as just a way to keep us in touch, but has spanned into sharing other peoples talents and meeting new friends. So fun!

  2. Tessa, thank you so much for being involved in our project! Char and I have been drooling over your recipe and can’t wait to try it out ourselves. We really appreciate all of the thought you put into your post. Lots of love to you from Canada!

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