Why Watch Rugby When You Can Drink Wine?


How close was that game this morning???!!!

Don’t know what I’m talking about? (what rock have you been LIVING under?!)

This morning was South Africa’s first official game in the rugby world cup… and I know that pretty much the entire nation was perched, ready and waiting (with breakfast beers, boerie rolls and biltong) for the match to begin.  How typically South African! *smiles*

There are those few however, who tragically have  zero interest in rugga and wouldn’t know better if Pat Lambie were to offer them the window seat on a plane. This post, dear friends, is for you!!

Because while the boys sit glued to the box, you can start planning your summer wardrobe with a glass of this in hand!!!

I present to you … the inaugural, just-released and oh-so lip-smackingly delicious, Constantia Saddle Rose’- produced at Constantia Glen by the fabulous Karl Lambour. I’ve been working at CG since January and this is the first little punt I’ve done (on the blog), so bear with me 😉

The wine is ONLY sold at the farm so no quick trips to the bottle store, I’m afraid. BUT! There is a fantastic special on (R500 for 12 bottles!!) at the moment. Just do yourself a favour ladies and grab some! It’s refreshing, dry (but doesn’t scrape the back of your throat with acidity) and has amazing flavours of strawberries, raspberries, cherries, and a few hints of spice and toffee/caramel.

Trust me… it’ll get you through the next six weeks with a smile on your face!!  🙂



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