“Together” At Tjing Tjing

Last night I attended the inaugural launch of the new night market at Tjing Tjing and Dear Me Foodworld. I arrived not really knowing what to expect but was fabulously impressed by some of the things that I saw!!

This is essentially a market where Cape Town’s creatives can get “Together” and showcase their designs while offering the public a taste of their brilliant inventiveness! The market is run in association with Bicardi and if you’re lucky and get there early (I have since learnt THAT is the key!), you’re sure to be welcomed with a free cocktail or two! (and if you don’t already know how amazing Tjing Tjing’s cocktails are.. well, shame!).

Once you’ve quenched your thirst on a few drinks…and you feel a little rumbling in the tum.. don’t be shy to look at the tapas menu and order a bite to eat. I didn’t have anything but it all looked delicious! Then of course there’s the spirited atmosphere that Tjing Tjing so effortslessly oozes.. I mean Who WOULDN’T want to spend a Tuesday night here?!!

Did I mention I almost got a Tattoo??! (ok, not really but they were doing them for free!)

These are some of the peeps you’ll get to see at ‘Together’
-Wildfire Tattoos
-Afraid Of Mice
-Robin Sprong
-Vamp Clothing
-DJ Jaco Haasbroek

The markets will take place once a month on a Tuesday so look out for updates
on twitter !!!

The brains (and beauties!) behind the concept...



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