A Tuesday News Update…

Some rather exciting news made its way into my mailbox yesterday!

I received an email from the beautiful Sharni whom I met a few weeks ago at a yoga workshop. She’s literally a walking beam of happiness and sunshine and currently has the role of heading up the Wellness Warehouse Ambassador Programme. I’ve been guest blogging for Wellness for about 4 months now and I use a LOT of their products (which you’ll have no doubt seen if you’ve sifted through some of my posts).

Anyway, to cut a long story short- I’ve been invited by Wellness Warehouse to be one of their ambassadors!I feel quite honoured and at the same time very lucky, to be part of a brand that I love so much!! And the fact that I’ll be able to connect and network with the wider Wellness Warehouse community, makes me really excited!

So far Girl With a Teacup hasn’t really had a clear-cut peg or “angle” so to speak, which may sound a bit odd. Sure, I post about food a lot.. products I like, places I go.. but for a while now I’ve been thinking of starting a Fitness category, yet somehow it didn’t really seem to fit (no pun intended!) or blend in with the rest of my posts. Now that I’m an ambassador for Wellness, I almost feel that gives me the “permission” I need.

So from now on you’ll see a few more fitness and exercise posts. I’m definitely not an expert but I’ve found over time that my physical health and strength goes very much hand-in-hand with every other aspect of my life. I’ll try to keep the posts fun and light-hearted and not too boring for those that loathe that that sort of thing- like my flatmate who said to me after Saturday’s trail race, “Why run that distance when you can just drive it??”

Some people don’t get it…and that’s OK



2 Comments on “A Tuesday News Update…”

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