Here We Go!

As I mentioned last week I’m going to be doing a few more fitness-related posts to mix things up a bit on the blog, and as a new Wellness Warehouse Ambassador, I feel it’s simply my duty to advocate an active lifestyle. Plus! It’s summer and we all want to get in tip top shape for the beeeeeeeeeach !! On a more serious note though- Your health is something that should never ever be taken for granted. (Just think about all the people you know who’ve lost loved ones to the injurious effects of illness and disease). It’s frightening actually, really frightening. Yes, diet has a very large part to play, but there’s nothing that rivals being physically fit and active. The benefits are immeasurable. Which is why this week has seen me kick things up a notch or two. After a great run (and chat) on Saturday morning along the promenade with my friend Pippa, we both decided that:

a) We wanted to fit more running into our schedules (She wants to do Two Oceans Ultra next year!)

b) We would train 4 times at our gym this week (usually it’s 3 but we both need to catch up on sessions)

c) We’re going to climb Lion’s Head Tomorrow evening for the Moon Walk

Then I’m hoping to do a long-ish run on Saturday morning (weather depending! Don’t really enjoy running in the rain) and then on Sunday I’m starting at Jai Yoga studio for a month of unlimited Bikram classes. I normally do hatha yoga but found a great deal on groupon:)

Let’s see if I’m still here on Monday!



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