A Summer Dress(ing)…

Hello and welcome to 2012! So, what are we? …16 days in?
A new year, a new start, a new outlook…blah, blah, blah. Nothing we haven’t seen before. After all it happens every 365 days. Just like your birthday! The only change happens with us. Looking back at 2011, I find it hard to grasp how much I learnt about myself. About my world, THE world and where/how I fit into it. I met the most amazing and inspiring people along the way and feel so lucky to have been able to share some of their stories. The learning is not over though and 2012 is merely a treasure box just waiting to be unearthed, filled with wonderful new experiences and challenges.

For some, it’s the anticipation of a wedding, or the arrival of a first child (I can’t keep up with the number of friends I have who are pregnant! Eish). For others, it’s simply moving to another city or starting a new job. With all the chaos that comes along with it all, we sometimes lose track of “now” and just being in the moment. As one of my yoga instructors last year explained (and I totally understand what she means because it happens to me a lot), is that our brain likes to play tricks on us by thinking too far ahead into the future or forever holding onto the past. But the present is all that we have, this moment that you’ve been given right now. The future is not real. It’s in our imagination. Of course we can dream but be present, be now and live for today!

…Good. Now that that’s out the way, can we please talk about food?!

What is January without a little kicks-tart of healthy eating? Thankfully down here in the Southern hemisphere we find ourselves smack bang in the dreaded heat of summer which makes it the perfect time to fill up on light, refreshing foods that are packed with flavour but low in calories. There’s nothing like biting into a big chunk of juicy pink watermelon or inhaling the sweet tropical fragrance of a mango.

Salads are one of my favourite things to eat during summer…actually, make that all year round! I love playing with texture and colour and enjoy anything with a good “crunch” like chopped up Israeli cucumber, water chestnuts or some toasted nuts and croutons. But what is a salad without a dressing? Call me boring but I’m a total sucker for a simple Balsamic and olive oil vinaigrette, although sometimes I allow myself to be swayed by something a little more interesting.

I developed this dressing last year and literally made it almost every second day because I just couldn’t get enough of it! You could see it as a sort of mixture of hummus (which I love), pesto and vinaigrette all whipped up into one. Sounds a bit odd, I know…but keep reading. You’ll thank me later!

I know I said this was a dressing but you could actually adjust the consistency somewhat by reducing the amount of liquid and use it on sandwiches, grilled chicken or fish, as a dip for chips, or even as a topping on a warm baked potato! There are no limitations on this one so go wild and try it on/with whatever your heart desires! Aaaand, it contains all the healthy high-protein goodness that your body needs 🙂

What you’ll Need
1x can chickpeas, drained
100g raw almonds
½ cup olive oil
1/3 cup water
1 tsp garlic, creamed
¾ tsp cumin
11/2 Tbsp red wine vinegar
2 Tbsp lemon juice
150g coriander (or whatever herb you like)

What to do
Place all ingredients into a blender or food processor and blend until smooth and creamy.
Adjust consistency and seasoning to your liking.
Store in an airtight container in the fridge. Lasts 3- 5 days


10 Comments on “A Summer Dress(ing)…”

  1. ceciliag says:

    This is simply a wonderful dressing. i am going to make it today, as soon as I work out how much is 100 g of almonds!! I love it. i know it is winter here but we eat salads every day for lunch and this will be great for lunch today.. well done!! c

    • You will love this dressing- and it’s so versatile! If you’re a fan of chickpeas you’ll enjoy the flavor
      and texture!! Sorry, about the metric measurements… I’ll have to try work out how much that would be in ounces. heehee:) Enjoy!! x

  2. […] A Girl with a Teacup introduced me to this fantastic dressing which I had made the other day. It is made with chickpeas and oil and garlic and vinegar and other stuff and is very very tasty. We have been eating it with everything. So I took my crackers and dipped them in! YUM! It was a lovely taste of summer. Here is the Summer Dressing in a Jar.  […]

  3. Followed Celi over here from her blog and this dressing (minus the allergen for me) sounds great! But do need help with some of the measurements (mostly the vinegar).

  4. dianeandjack says:

    It sounds delicious! I’m going to try it too! Thanks so much!!!

  5. When you have figured out the measurements will you please let me know? I love all the ingredients.


  6. Thanks to Cecilia’s blog mention, I am going to make it too. I have a picnic tomorrow and this will be perfect.

  7. Found you through Cecilia’s blog
    Iove your dressing recipe, it sounds so tempting and I love the combination of favors

  8. I am so glad to find a healthy dressing – and something that is even more versatile than dressing! Great job – thanks so much!

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