First of all… Happy Friday guys!

Gosh… this week has gone waaaay too fast but I’m definitely not complaining!
The last 3 weeks feel like a bit of a blur really. On top of starting my new job at FOOD24, I’ve moved (twice!) and have finally unpacked my life and am content in my new apartment, complete with brand new housemates!

My room looks out over the beautiful city of Cape Town and in the distance you can see the Atlantic ocean and Robben Island. It’s amazing and I love it!

What I really like though is that it’s almost double the size of my old room and it just feels amazing to have ‘space’!!!! The walls are painted a grey and white colour (so strange because those are two of my favourite colours!), and my linen is all white so it’s a very clean ‘minimal’ look, and I’m wanting to do a really nice feature/focus point above my bed on the one wall. I haven’t quite decided on what I’m going to do yet but in the meantime I’ve been gathering some ideas.

There’s nothing nicer than being in an inspiring space!

Images found here



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