Even though it’s technically a 4-day work week, today is still Monday and this morning I woke up
a) feeling exhausted
b) with the slight beginnings of a cold

I arrived back in Cape Town late last night after a whirlwind trip to the Eastern Cape. I spent a collective 15 hours in a car, a plane or an airport. Throw in a night of cold, wet, misty weather, a suitcase full of unsuitable clothing, two drastic climate changes… and you’ve pretty much got yourself the perfect recipe for a pre-winter malady.

Aaaaaanyway, I’m onto it!

Have dosed myself with loads of Zinc, Vit B. and am on my way to stock up on Viral Choice. I also had the biggest bowl of organic blackberries for breakfast- straight from the farm (Thanks mom!) topped with an equally large dollop of thick, creamy Bulgarian yoghurt. So my Vit C. levels are at their peak.

Food-wise I’m craving anything warm obviously, but all I have on my mind right now is a big bowl of steaming hot soup, something that I can ingest slowly and contemplatively. It is Monday after all. Everything tends to be a bit on the slow side.

Here are 5 recipes that I’d like to make tonight for dinner. Maybe you’re also feeling somewhat “Monday-ish” and need some soothing. I think these soups might help!

Cannellini, leek, lemon and basil

Chicken tortilla soup

Chanterelle soup

Cauliflower and goat’s cheese

Roasted tomato with tomato parmesan croutons



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