Easter in Elgin

Easter weekend. Come and gone.

It rained in Cape Town like it’s never rained before. Ok, that might be an exaggeration but if you were out there watching the Two Oceans like I was, you’ll know what I’m talking about!!!! HUGE respect to those who ran. I was drenched by the time I got home and decided a few hours spent curled up underneath the duvet watching series was a good idea.

On Sunday I headed out of town in the rain and mist for lunch at Andrea’s (one of my mom’s best friends). She lives in the Elgin valley and it’s always such a treat going there. It’s like a home away from home for me and I always think of it as somewhere I can go and just totally relax. Perfect for a long, lazy Easter lunch.

As expected the weather in Elgin was also rather cold and wet and when I arrived, fires were being lit and red wine was being poured. Hello winter in the Cape!

One thing you should know about Andrea, is that she has an incredible sense of style and her house is like something out of House&Leisure! (Please excuse the hazy pics. Think something’s up with my camera!)

She runs a thriving business making topiary’s for high-end customers like five star hotels and boutique decor shops. She’s extremely talented and each time I get shown her newest idea, it’s hard not to envy her endless bursts of ingenious creativity. Like these cute bunnies and baskets she makes every year for Easter. Are these not adorable?! They made the most appropriate table setting.

While we all got cosy next to the fire, we snacked from a big platter of cheese, crackers, olives, dips and spreads.

Snack time !!!

For mains we were treated to the most gorgeous Greek-inspired dish; pieces of roast lamb with warm pita’s breads, salad leaves and lashings of homemade Tzatziki made by Andrea’s close friend, Nicole. (And yes, made with real Greek yoghurt). Trust me, the difference is indescribable.

I naturally went back for a second helping.

dessert appeared and there was no way I was turning any of it down! Apple pie, ice cream, custard, berry compote and meringues. Heck, I’m surprised I was able to zip up my jeans this morning! To top it off there was authentic Greek shortbread, which literally melted in your mouth. I mean, what is Easter without Greek shortbread?!

I woke up yesterday morning feeling totally over-indulged, but so thankful for the day…for the changing of seasons, for friends who treat you like family and feed you until your face hurts.

Happiness all round!

Laura and Kate 🙂



7 Comments on “Easter in Elgin”

  1. mymezzaluna says:

    Lovely post . Love that house. Wish I could be creative like that…

  2. ceciliag says:

    Gorgeous post. i can tell it was cold with everyone huddled as close to the fire as they could get ( laughter) wonderful dinner. Now what does she make her baskets and rabbits out of, they look awesome! c

  3. What a lovely home! It looks like a home from a magazine, a bit too perfect for real life.

  4. Andreas’ home is beautiful and her cooking is mouth watering. That was a great way of spending the Easter holidays and this made up for the chilly weather in Elgin.

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