Running Knysna half marathon for Chase Winshaw

How to avoid obesity while working for an online food publication:

Enter a marathon. (Well, half marathon!)

In an attempt to keep the kilo’s off this winter while still enjoying all my favourite comfort foods (read chocolate and red wine), I’ve entered the Knysna half marathon. Plus it’s actually a really fun race. One I haven’t run in 3 years. Gaah!

I’ll be doing it for the Superhero2Chase charity which raises funds for Chase Winshaw, a little boy with cerebral palsy.

Now, about training…

Since I’ve recently moved to a different part of town I’ve had to get used to running in a totally different neighbourhood. Of course I miss the ‘burbs’- running through Newlands forest, beautiful Constantia and Bishop’s Court . I also miss the stunning views along Chapman’s Peak. The Atlantic seaboard just has that calming ocean-ness about it. I’m really really loving my new neighbourhood though and discovering a different part of it each day.

I think I’ve found Oranjezicht’s “promenade”!

Molteno Reservoir is a very calming place to walk/run and the views over the city bowl’s high-rise buildings, are just magical.

I also love passing the cute-looking houses lining the (rather hilly!) streets. They all have a certain charm and character to them that sort of make me want to knock on the door and invite myself in for tea.



Anyway, now that it’s winter and daylight hours are at a dispiriting minimum,  I’ve had to resort to running on the treadmill during the week (kill me now!!!!!) or hope to increase my fitness with short 45 min fartlek runs.

I think I need to up my game a bit. I have just under 10 weeks.

That’s enough time right? …



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