The weekend that came and went

Well, it’s already Monday and I’m wondering where the weekend went?! Although my weekend was somewhat low-key and rather atypical , it also felt rather busy. I left work on Friday and instead of joining friends for drinks like I normally would’ve, I opted to take a pure pump class at gym. I’ve been going to pure pump rather frequently these last few months after I discovered that Virgin Active actually offer it. I first tried it in the USA where they have a similar (much more fun) version called Body Pump. It’s basically a barbell weight training workout that’s done to music and focuses on all the major muscle groups. It’s tough but if enjoy a bit of a ‘burn’ then this is for you! I find my body responds well to resistance training so I’m going to try and keep attending classes between training for Knysna. You can never be too strong right?

After Pure Pump, I was starving and remembered that Myog have a happy hour special every night between 7-8pm daily. No guessing what I had for dinner! A massive tub of deliciously chilled froyo topped with crushed Oreos and slivered almonds. My best!


Looks nasty right?

Well, even though the weather was a bit misty and wet early Saturday morning- I unwillingly rolled out of bed for a run. I covered about 10km and actually felt amazing afterwards. A nice hot shower, some tea and a warm breakfast to refuel, was just what I needed! I cooked up some super creamy oats and went mad with the toppings! Banana, peanut butter, almonds, coconut and organic blackberries from the farm (thanks Mom!)

After rushing around getting a few random things done, I saw that Bean There in Whale Street were offering all their coffee for R10 being Fairtrade week and all. Hello cheap amazing coffee!!

Later on I headed to a Valrhona chocolate dem which was being conducted by my friend Vanessa. If there’s chocolate involved you can be sure I’m game!


I woke up, stretched, remembered that it was Sunday… and rolled over for another hour’s sleep (don’t you love doing that?) I didn’t have any Mother’s Day plans as my mom lives in another province:( But my sadness of not being able to spend the day with her was amended by the fact that I had a 10 am booking for a facial. 1.5 hours of pampering was welcomed with open arms! I received this Email last week from Rouge Day Spa in Kenilworth:

Good day Tessa

Rouge would like to inform you of your accumulated loyalty points – 56 (R50 off any treatment) Before our system gets upgraded and these points go to waste, do not hesitate to take full advantage of this opportunity.
Hope to hear from you soon.

Rouge Team

As you can see I wasted no time in taking advantage! I left feeling utterly relaxed and a little comatose, yet somehow the energy to cook and make something yum took over, so when I got home I whipped up a batch of crunchy, nutty granola. My favourite snack (which I try not to make too often because it can get a bit out of hand! The eating of it I mean.)

A few hours later, I found myself sitting in the auditorium at Artscape listening to Lawrence Brownlee belting out some uber high notes! Heeeeeeeeeeeeell, that guy can sing!!!! I was so impressed with the entire performance.

And  just like that, Sunday was over. Not my average weekend at all- spa treatments plus classical opera??!

But wow, did I feel rested today!


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