Cape Town food trucks

Pic: Cath Shone

On Wednesday my Twitter feed was going nuts with the mention(s) of Cape Town food trucks.The reason? It was the inaugural gathering of the city’s food trucks at the Oudekraal market, just otherside Bakoven.

I knew this trend was coming… but I was just waiting to see who’d jump on the proverbial band-wagon first.

It seems the very dishy Luca from Limoncello has gone all out with his totally retro, pimped out truck. Check this out! Love it!

Along with Limoncello, Lady Bonin, the whimsical tea lady and her cute caravan, is part of the mix (Obviously I’m excited about this!!!!!)

If you’re into curries, which I certainly am- there’s a guy by the name of Invin Vandiar who, according to my editor Cath, makes the most phenomenal Durban curries. Can’t wait to try them!

Have a squizz at the gallery that Cath did on Food24! We’re planning a big ‘get-together’ down at Oudekraal in the coming week or two and of course EVERYONE is invited!! All deets will be on Twitter 😉

If you’re into this sort of thing- Check out the Cape Town Food Trucks Facebook page and follow them on Twitter @CTFoodTrucks

Guys, “Lettuce have a garden party and turnip the beet!”



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