Music for a Monday?

Hi guys!

How was your weekend?

It’s Monday (like you needed reminding!!) and I think we all need a little snippet of comfort on Mondays… especially in winter! Today is a particularly nippy day in Cape Town too. Brrrrr.

Unfortunately I can’t send you warm, freshly-baked croissants or piping hot cups of tea, but I thought I’d share a tune or two…

This was written and performed by my friend Faith.

She went to high school with me and was always one those really intellectual types. So it didn’t surprise me when she went on to become a mathematician. But I’m still trying to figure out how someone like that manages to be so creative at the same time?!?!

She says her style is “somewhere between alternative pop and urbania”.

Hmmm… ok, whatever that means!

I just like the mellow sound she has… sort of relaxing. Mondays don’t always need to be harrowing and chaotic. Take a breather, be present, let the cold wind burn your cheeks, bite into a warm toasted sandwich and smile at the other person in the elevator.



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