Motivation Monday

I wouldn’t necessarily call myself a health or fitness blogger per sé but it’s something I do write about from time to time when I feel the urge. (I’m supposed to be a Wellness ambassador after all!) For the most part this blog is more of an accumulation of random moments, people, products, recipes and stories with a small dose of exercise-talk sprinkled here and there.

Now that I’m mid-training for Knysna, my mind is definitely in the “exercise-zone” , more so than it has been for quite a while. I’m seeing it as a good thing. Wouldn’t you agree?

But sometimes the mind (and the body!) get a little weary and it’s so easy to start doubting yourself and ask whether you’ve really put enough effort into your training etc etc. So I was happy to see this little slideshow appear  in my mailbox this morning- sent from the SuperHero 2 Chase team… (Click image)

They really are doing a great job of making sure all us runners have the right mind-set. Ready to tackle the road this week!

Today was a rest day and I tend to take full advantage of it by going to see  The Lucky One tonight with two of my girlfriends. Hot, buttery popcorn and Zac Efron? Mondays could be worse!



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