Last minute ‘plans’

Picture this: It’s the end of a busy Monday. I’m standing in my kitchen, wearing a pair of warm, cosy heart-printed slippers. In a pan are two onions sweating off for a lime and red lentil curry that I’ve been dying to make all day. I’m thinking about how calming and comforting it’s going to be when I dig into it later. I even have thoughts of the chilled bottle of Chenin Blanc that’s been winking at me every time I open the fridge.

‘No, Tessa, you’ve had enough wine this weekend!’, says the little angel on my shoulder.  I add some chopped garlic and ginger to the onions. They seem to be getting along just fine and begin to release the overpowering sweet, intense aromas that usually indicate somethin’ goooooood is in the making.

Suddenly, my phone rings. (It’s Vanessa).

Vanessa: Hi Tess, how’s your day been?.. I just called to see what you were up to?

Tessa: I’m at home. In the kitchen. Making curry

She goes on to say that she’s sitting at Josephine’s Cookhouse (where the old Caveau used to be) and wants me to join her and her boyfriend, Blake for dinner.

I hesitate for a moment and tell her I’m actually just starting a curry.  But I’ve quickly come to discover her trick of coaxing me into things…

This is how it goes:

Vanessa: Well, I think you should put that curry on hold and come have dinner. It’s their first night open. It’s Stef from Societi‘s new venture and it would be something to write about.

 That’s the phrase she dishes out- it would be something to write about. My rubber arm inevitably gets twisted, good and proper…and before I know it, I’ve turned off the heat, guiltily kissed my onions goodbye and found myself hot-footing  it south on the M3 to Josephine’s Cookhouse.

This better be worth it, I think to myself.

To be continued…


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