Crossfit for Hope

My arms, my arms, my poor arms…

These were the thoughts I was having yesterday morning when I woke up and realised I actually still had arms!

Let me explain…

On Saturday morning I signed up to do the first annual “Crossfit For Hope” at Cape Crossfit.  This is a charity event that aimed to raise funds for a local non-profit organisation – Ubuntu Africa.

Crossfit’s all across the world took part, each donating to a charity of their own, but all doing the same workout- ‘Hope’. (I found out later in the day via Facebook that my friend Daniel in California also did the workout at his box in San Luis Obispo! How cool is that?!)

If you know anything about the Crossfit method of training, you’ll understand that it’s no walk in the park. In fact, it’s pretty insane! But did I enjoy it? You bet! Not only was it a good feeling knowing that I was contributing to a very worthy cause, but the positive atmosphere and energy in that place was really quite infectious.

Check out these awesome action shots!

In the meantime, I’ll be here sipping herbal tea and nursing my ailing biceps.

Have a great week!


2 Comments on “Crossfit for Hope”

  1. Um…please mention that you got one of the highest scores….minor detail that you left out.

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