It’s the small things

Azure at Twelve Apostles Hotel and Spa

Azure Restaurant has just launched its winter menu and I was there yesterday to try it out. It just happened to be the most perfect day with not a breath of wind or a cloud in the sky! The setting at Twelve Apostles is reason enough alone to go and eat at Azure. Seriously, ocean+mountain? You can’t really get much better in my books.

I’ve been to the hotel on numerous occasions but never to eat. It used to be my ex-boyfriend’s mom’s favourite sundowner spot and we’d always get a last minute phone call from her asking to meet her ‘for a drink’ at the Leopard bar. (FYI- if you’re looking for a great spot for witnessing a Cape Town sunset, this is it!)


Chef Henrico Grobbelaar who is a past member of the SA national team, plated up a fabulous lunch! (side note- we discovered that we both received training from the very talented and inspiring Marli Roberts). Small world.

Anyway, it was a truly amazing 5-course lunch. These are just some of the dishes we were treated to..

Chicken and ham hock terrine with foie gras.


Steak tartar with a caper compote, pickles and tomato wafer.


Chocolate biscuit with beurre noisette cream and fresh strawberries.

Looks good, right? It  was! And as much as I enjoy indulging in fine-dining cuisine, there are times that warrant a simple, uncomplicated dish. A meal that says, ‘Take the time to nourish your body with the food it craves’.

For some reason eggs have an association of comfort and this totally hit the spot for me today!

Hard boiled eggs, avo, fresh leaves, goats cheese and toasted rye bread.


bring on the weekend!!


One Comment on “It’s the small things”

  1. The dishes looks divine, they are so pretty I wouldn’t know where to start eating.
    That Rye bread and eggs is something I can have for supper tonight.

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