Just some things

If you’ve been reading Girl With a Teacup for a while, you’ll have noticed that there’s been a real lack of recipe sharing. And do you want to know the truth? I’m hating it. One of the biggest ‘tips’ I’ve received with regards to blogging is that you should always strive to create a blog that you, yourself would want to read. And I personally love bloggers who share recipes.

So why no recipes?

It’s not that I haven’t been cooking. I have. But I’ve discovered that my problem is the fact that my kitchen is in the middle of my apartment and doesn’t get nearly enough natural light for any (half decent) food photography. Believe me, I’ve tried! Plus I usually only have time to get into the kitchen in the evenings when the light outside is pretty shit terrible!

Do I sound pathetic? maybe. But… I’ve resolved to TRY and post at least one recipe a week. Like really try.

In the meantime, this is what I’ve been enjoying a lot of lately:

 1. Grapefruit – In all its forms

Thank you Woolworths

2. The amazing lunches options at Bread Milk and Honey (Why does this place have to be so damn close to my office??!!)

Box of deliciousness

Uhhh… while we’re on that, lunch from My Basaar is also pretty darn good. And Cheap!

3. Coffee

Can never have too much of this!

4. Khayelitsha cookies

Crispy, crunchy, processed gingery carbs

5. These babies!!

6. Red wine

Hello, it’s winter in Cape Town…can you blame me?!

Have a great weekend, whatever you get up to!


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