Monday already?!

It’s Meat-free Monday! What are you making?

I definitely feel like a light, easy, quick and healthy veggie meal for dinner. This weekend saw me partaking in a number of activities – many of which involved lots of indulgent food! I actually need a weekend from my weekend. Do you ever get that feeling? It was action-packed and I didn’t even get a chance to dive into my new book. Ah well..

Here’s a brief rundown:

Friday evening

Movies, popcorn, pizza and wine with my flatmate at the ultra stylish pad she’s house-sitting in Fresnaye – complete with a gorgeous infinity pool and a purple velvet lined poker room!

…which merged into:

Saturday morning

Up bright and early for a 12km trail run through Groot Constantia followed by a quick shower, a life-saving cup of coffee and then a day of work (weekend job).

…which merged into:

Saturday evening

A fun, casual dinner party with new friends where there was much laughter, endless glasses of Sangria, mountains of amazing food and too many Amarula chocolate covered strawberries to handle! (Thank goodness for the trail run huh?!)

…which merged into:

Sunday morning

A much needed brunch at Tasha’s with Pippa and Kim. I decided to try something different after last time and went with  the ‘Pimp my toast’ (Two slices of village bread, drizzled with olive oil, goats cheese, sautéed mushrooms, oven-roasted tomatoes and rocket). I added poached egg as an extra. The place was busy but we were seated at a  nice corner table and quickly got down to some serious gossip catching up.

…which merged into:

A brief shopping expedition at Cavendish and a movie date with Vanessa.  We saw The Romantics and let me say that perving over Josh Duhamel is not a bad way to spend a Sunday afternoon!

…which merged into:

A browse around Exclusive Books and the Woolworths seafood section where a rather heated discussion was had over the Sunday Times Food Weekly article about sustainable seafood and suppliers and restaurants saying they ‘support’ the green list when they really don’t. Greenwashing makes my blood boil sometimes.

Stay tuned to Food24 tomorrow morning where you can find out more about this contentious issue…


One Comment on “Monday already?!”

  1. ceciliag says:

    loved your sunday brunch.. very cool.. I loved woolworths.. and i think they should not be allowed to fish on these enormous scales at all.. my dad used to build small fishing boats, but these huge trawlers with their disgusting mother ships wallowing just inside of international waters, horrible c

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