Winter special at 5 Rooms

I’ve just spent the last 20 minutes loading this special onto Food24 and after realising how reasonable it is, I’m definitely planning to check it out!

5 Rooms is situated in the Alphen Hotel in Constantia and has only been open for a couple of months.

I’ve heard great things from Caro, and I know that my friend Sierra  and her husband go there fairly often. I really need to try it!!

Anyway, Here’s what you can look forward to: (I’ve heard that the best table is the corner table in the ‘portrait room’. Just saying).

*2-courses for R140 and 3-courses for R190*

Duck liver paté
Roasted pistachio nuts, blood orange jelly and potato crisps

Marinated artichokes
Asparagus, cucumber carpaccio and lemon dressing

Norwegian salmon
Smoked salmon mousse, rocket salad laced with hollandaise sauce

Soup of the day

Arugula salad
Pine nuts, parmesan shavings, garlic croutons and lemon mustard dressing

Mussel Arabbiata
Local steamed mussels with chilli, garlic and fresh bread

Norwegain salmon
Garlic scented mushrooms, and potato wedges laced with sauce Mornay

Fillet steak
Wild mushrooms, pearl onions and fries

Veal Marsala
Basil pesto soufflé, parmesan shavings and garden salad

Mushroom pasta
Sautéed spinach, roasted mushrooms, drizzled with a mushroom beurre blanc

Butter chicken
Crisp poppadum, fresh coriander and basmati rice

Lienfish of the day
A Slick Twist from the Chef

Beef Shepard’s pie
Topped with a cumin and cucumber raita

‘Elements of Candy’
Grape fizz lollipop, toffee apple and rose petal iced lolly

Crème brûlée
Fresh berries, sugar art and mint

Apple crumble
Cranberries, cinnamon and crème Anglaise

Trio of ice cream
Enquire the choice of the day

So, who’s free for dinner??

Image sourced here.


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