Who’s up for a challenge?

There are literally 12 days until Knysna and I’m getting really excited!! If I think back on how much fun I had last time… I know that it’s going to be a jol of note! In all honesty I know I could be better prepared race-wise.. I just haven’t had the luxury of sunlight that would enable me to get in decent mileage (I refuse to run in the dark and the boredom levels that come with running over 8Km on a treadmill… oh my gosh, I’m not even going to talk about it! Bleh!). I’m not worried that I won’t finish but I’m being realistic and know I won’t clock a Sub-2. It is what it is.

Hopefully this feeling of ‘unprepared-ness’ will have some way of motivating me to train harder for this!! (Gulp)

The Namaqua Flower Run

Pic: trailrunning.co.za

Last week I received the following email from my flatmate:

Hi guys
Sam and I have just entered this – it’s the Flower Run in Namaqualand on the 8th of September. We entered the 20k one but there is also a 10k. Apparently the 20k is so tough it’s stupid….However hectic it is, it sounds amazing and if anything it will be cool to go away for a weekend in the Northern Cape. Plus it’s a nice run to work towards…
Have a read and if you are keen book now – apparently limited space.”

Now, let me just announce that I’ve never been to the Northern Cape so it would be a great opportunity to explore that part of the country. The race itself has me feeling a little anxious, especially after reading the email and watching this..

But I was talking to my friend Pips the other day and we are both dying to do something physically challenging and this seems to fit the bill perfectly. A weekend away with friends, camping out in the middle of nowhere (I would never in a million years classify myself as ‘a camper’ but that’s all part of the challenge, don’t you think?), and summiting the highest peak in the Northern Cape. Sounds like fun right … right??!

I’ve bitten the bullet and entered the 20Km.

Let the games begin!!


4 Comments on “Who’s up for a challenge?”

  1. Brian Beatty says:

    that looks like one awesome race! best of luck to you on the 20k, it looks amazing.

  2. Simon says:

    This race and general weekend is awesome! I can say this with authority as I am that absolutely buggered individual in the photo you have posted here! The view from the top of that route (20km) is absolutely breathtaking! The 10km route wanders through the valley and my friends that ran it really enjoyed it – still a good challenge and still surrounded by the amazing flower display. I encourage anyone with a love of adventure, running, camping, roadtripping, photography and fun to enter this race!
    Good find, girlwithateacup!

    • Haha!! Awesome Si ! Thanks for stopping by the blog.
      I actually just ‘joined’ your group on Facebook and commented.

      I must say, I’m rather nervous after some of the things I’ve heard but sounds like such fun!! Wheeeeee!

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