Food labels: Am I asking for too much??

I bought a copy of Woolworths Taste magazine last week and inside its plastic sleeve packaging, came a free sachet of Woolworths instant soup. I would normally have either given it away to someone or tossed it. (I loathe instant soup and I think it’s because the thought of it always conjures up images of nasty unnatural chemicals all lumped together into something resembling funky discoloured ground chalk). Gross.

Anyway, for some inexplicable reason I kept the little packet of powdered convenience cuisine and decided to try it for lunch yesterday, against my better judgement.

How did it taste?

As I expected, it tasted vile. It was supposed to be ‘creamy butternut’ but there was zero butternut flavour. I wanted to check what the ingredients were, to satisfy my heightened curiosity but… there were none to be found!

All the packet contained was a simple step-by-step method of how to prepare the soup, with a final step even telling the individual to ‘enjoy!’ Is that really neccesary?? I’m sure anyone old enough to boil a kettle knows hows to make instant soup!

Food labels

The thing that seriously irked me about eating the ‘creamy butternut’ soup, was that there was no indication anywhere on the packet explaining:

-What was inside it

-What the serving size was

-Nutritional value of the food

-Allergy warnings?!

Seriously, what are these people smoking? I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to sell any food item without this kind of information. (technically Woolworths are giving it away although the consumer has no choice but to take it if they want the damn magazine!).

Yes, I understand that the instant soup may be a ‘test’ product so not all the information is declared but still, not to have a general list of ingredients – is that allowed?!

I’m in the process of reading this and this to find out more about packaging laws in this country because Woolworths already seem to be misleading consumers with its food labeling. I want to know what I’m eating dammit!



2 Comments on “Food labels: Am I asking for too much??”

  1. Sonia says:

    Not to mention no labeling for MSG and GMO foods! I stopped shopping at Woolworths for six months due to their misleading claims. Have you queried this with them?

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