MasterChef South Africa

Have you been watching SA’s first season of MasterChef??

I must be honest in saying that I only really saw the first 3 or 4 episodes and then got bored… of the contestants. It’s just like any reality show – you want to see people who add drama and intrigue. People you like, people you hate and in this case – lots of burning and fire and blood and crying. Sorry if that’s sounds a bit barbarous but it’s the truth.

Throughout the season I’ve had to do weekly recaps of each episode over on Food24 so I have a fair knowledge of what’s happened so far. Last night Manisha (who’s been so strong up until now), went home leaving Deena and Sue-Ann as the last 2 MasterChef hopefuls.

I didn’t think it would happen but I’m surprisingly excited to see who’ll take the title.It feels strange to be half into something and half not… Part of me wants Deena to win and part of me really doesn’t give a toss what happens!

Is that normal?

Image sourced here.


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