Taking it Easy by Andy Fenner

Last night Andy Fenner launched his first cookbook, Taking it Easy. People have been looking forward to its release for months and let me say, it doesn’t disappoint. Firstly the concept is brilliant and, as Andy pointed out last night, it’s something that no-one’s done before. He worked closely with his photographer and very close friend, Lar – to produce something that’s definitely going to be filling a LOT of stockings this Christmas!! I already have a signed copy for my mom.

It’s basically a compilation of ‘chef profiles’ – together with recipes, written in the deft words of Mr. Fenner. A few of the chefs that are featured were actually at the launch and I attempted to get them all to sign the two books that I was lugging around.. but try and get an autograph from Michael Broughton when he’s halfway through a mouthful of a Jason’s Bakery pork pie. Awkward-dot-com!

One chef who I was totally NOT phased about approaching was my wonderfully talented friend, Vanessa. Yip, she’s in the book!! I was actually at the shoot when they did her section and to see the final product in all its published, neat, hard-covered glory  is, well… amazing! I’m so so proud of her (I think she’s getting sick of us all saying this to her, but it’s true).

Vanessa Marx, ‘taking it easy’.

I will take some credit though because it was me that introduced Andy to Van back when he was still blogging over at JamieWho and nobody knew his real name. I sent him a random email one day with the whole “my-friend-has just-opened-a-restaurant-that-you-should-check-out” spiel. Little did I know that the two would become true bff’s and set the Cape Town food scene on fire.

*Pats myself the back*

In all honesty though it’s a book that really shows the laid-back, approachable kind of food that these guys cook at home. Do you think Richard Carstens really makes Baked Alaska of rainbow trout with smoked salmon ice cream or bits of pea sponge when his mates come around?!

There’s one recipe that I’ve already marked as “to make first” , and it’s Chris Erasmus’ wife’s chocolate cake. Out of this world delicious!!! (It was served last night).

Do yourself a favour and grab a copy of the book when you see one, you’ll love it!


2 Comments on “Taking it Easy by Andy Fenner”

  1. I made Marthinus Ferreira’s Cherry Bakewell Tart yesterday – it was huge hit and really simple to make. Hats off to Andy and Lar for a unique concept beautifully executed.

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