Midnight Baker

Last week I got a tweet from a mysterious ‘someone’ who went by the handle,  @MidnightBakerSA. I had just shared Cath’s post which centered around all the great new food offerings we’ve got going on at the moment. It wasn’t until I took a closer look and realised that this ‘Midnight Baker’ happens to be a girl that I went to school with! It turns out Nadia is a pastry chef and has just started her own gig in Cape Town after working at île de Pain for 2 years. I don’t think I’ve seen her since school so it was really a matter of,  “what are the chances??!”  I’m always game for trying new things and when you are faced with an offer like the one below… you’d be a real idiot to refuse! (Am I right?)

I didn’t think anything of it again until Nadia contacted me this morning and personally came down to our offices in town (where searching for parking is like looking for a black cat in a coal cellar), and delivered the biggest, most beautifully packaged box of fresh, warm, flaky croissants. It was stuff that fantasies are made of… seriously.

Pic: Zayaan Schroeder

With Nadia’s experience working at île de Pain, I knew right away that I was in for something special. I’m happy to report – She’s nailed it! The texture is absolutely perfect and everything that a croissant should be. Her pain au chocolat’s (what else would I pick?!) are phenomenal and I can see why her pastries are being snapped up by the likes of Truth Coffeecult. They’re THAT good.

The only thing that saddens me is that tomorrow marks the start of mine and Pippa‘s 12-week paleo challenge. How will I survive now that I know about Midnight Baker ???!!!

Send Help.


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