Lunch with Showcook and Cape Legends

Remember I said I had just got a new camera over the weekend? Well, my excitement reached an all time high when I was confronted with the perfect opportunity to get in some much needed practice!

Something last-minute came up at the office, which had me escaping my desk for most of yesterday and instead of a pre-packed paleo lunch in front of my monitor, I was treated to something a little more, should we say… sophisticated?  I was able to eat pretty much everything on the menu besides for the bread and dessert. What a win!

The function, organised by , was held at Overture on Hidden Valley Wine Estate. A spectacular 5-course lunch was enjoyed alongside wine provided by Cape Legends, with the highlight being that the food was cooked by 4 of SA’s most respected chefs – Bertus Basson, Luke Dale Roberts, Rudi Liebenberg and John Jackson from The Royal Portfolio.

Unsurprisingly, the food was an absolute treat and tickled all those ‘Oh-my-God-I-am-in-heaven’ nerve endings. Being high up on the slopes of the Helderberg on a bright, warm Spring day, eating food made by culinary geniuses is something that I don’t think I could ever get tired of. The food was perfect, the venue was perfect, the wine was perfect and the company was perfect. But as you can see, my new-camera-photographic-skills still need some work!

I guess Rome wasn’t built in a day…

A little recap

Luke in the kitchen

PS. I’ve decided I want to be like Annette Kesler when I grow up. She is SO sweet, delightful and amusing – it almost hurts.

To read more about the day, click here.


4 Comments on “Lunch with Showcook and Cape Legends”

  1. Lovely Tessa:) and looking forward to hearing more about La Residence when you go, lucky girl! Chania @Showcookcom

  2. Tessa dear, thank you for those kind words. Have you got a treat in store and I know that if you think you’ve been in heaven before, well just wait for this. Warmest wishes Annette

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