Let’s talk running

Remember two weeks ago I spoke about running the Crazy Store Table Mountain Challenge?

Well, firstly let me say this:

If climbing a trillion and three steps, or bouldering aren’t your thing… I wouldn’t recommend it.


If gorgeous views, running through waterfalls, across extruding tree roots and uneven terrain with a 2 Litre hydration pack on your back is, then it’s definitely something to scribble onto that bucket list!

Although the temperature was pretty hot out on the mountain and each Km felt more tough and strenuous than the last, I had such a good time and can’t wait to do it again next year! Maybe even just for the jol at the finish line.

Now that Crazy Store is over, next order of business is the 94.5KFM Gun Run on 14 October. I must be honest and say I haven’t put in nearly enough mileage on the road for this race so it’ll be an interesting day! I also miss not getting texts from my Knysna half marathon training buddy saying, “Run this evening? Promenade?

Training alone has it’s pro’s and cons but it really helps having someone to chat to when your brain is tired of talking to itself. So I’m actually thinking of joining a running club in the hope that:

a) It’ll motivate me get out onto the road more

b) Meet more people in the running community -> which will lead back to a)

At the moment my two options are Acsis VOB and AAC

Any recommendations??







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