Honest Chocolate

If you’re planning a trip to Cape Town and see yourself as a bit of a chocolate aficionado, then a quick stop at the artisan Honest Chocolate store is a must on the bucket list!

I literally stumbled upon this little shop when I was on my way to review a restaurant in Loop Street last year. I was with my fellow chocolate-loving friend, Mieneke and I think we may have spent close to 2 hours talking all things cocoa bean, and eating samples with the proprietors.

Oh we were in love. And still are! With the chocolate that is.

It’s become my go-to gift for people that I never know WHAT to buy for. My rationale being that the chance of them  having a slab of 72% Kalahari Desert Salt Honest Chocolate in their store cupboard is pretty slim!



3 Comments on “Honest Chocolate”

  1. ok, next week I’m going.

  2. ceciliag says:

    I certainly would not turn down chocolate as honest as that and I am not even a chocolate lover!! wonderful.. cannot watch the movie so sorry, internet is such rubbish out here in the boonies! c

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