Red Sock Friday

I attended my first #RedSockFriday this morning. What a beautiful, fun and rejuvenating way to start the day! I’m so glad that I finally committed and bought myself a nice pair of long red socks. Stylish, right? {Excuse pasty white legs}.

Red Sock Friday

I felt self conscious for probably the first minute of wearing them. When I thought about it I realised it’s quite a statement when you don’t own a single item of red clothing. Unfortunately I didn’t stay for the free coffee afterwards but am definitely planning on making this part of my weekly routine while Summer lasts.

Find a Red Sock group in your area and join the vibe.

(I think that’s the lingo..)

Red Sock Friday


3 Comments on “Red Sock Friday”

  1. Hollyann says:

    Hi Girl with a Teacup! Harfield Harriers are running in Red Socks every Thursday in Claremont. Basically if they run the full Winter Time Trial they win a shirt which is sponsored by Medipod, charity ShoOops and supported by Harfield Harriers. The next step of tee’s will be able to be bought and all the proceeds go to a charity of ShoOops. Would you like to join our last run on 5th September, run starts 6pm for details and to check out the shirts! Please join and write a blog article about it 🙂 They a friendly and fun crowd!

    • Hi Hollyann. Thanks for letting me know about it:) I love running with new and interesting people! Will just have to check my calendar. Not sure I’ll make it in time from town but let’s see. x

      • Hollyann says:

        Yeah, I’m also in town. If you manage to leave at 5.10pm from town you will still make it 🙂 Do you know of any other bloggers that will be interested in writing for this event and support Red Socks?

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