Ma Mère Maison

I spent an afternoon last week in the kitchen of Lexi Bechet at her shop, Ma Mère Maison. Many of you are probably familiar with her products as she’s had Cape Town’s sugar addicts going gaga since she opened up in Salt River last year.

I chatted to her about all things confectionery as well as some of the aspects of actually running a business. I’m so envious of people like Lexi – entrepreneurs who quite literally create something that was never there before.

It obviously takes a lot of hard work to pull off, and together with her partner – Di Spicer, Lexi looks for inspiration wherever she can. After spending a year at Silwood School of Cookery, she enrolled at Red and Yellow, so it’s no surprise to see that some of her ideas are (for South Africans, at least) quite out-of-the-box .

I had a taste of the hot cross bun nougat and it was absolutely delicious. She also produces red velvet cake pops as well as salted macadamia nut, sea salt and honey nougat (a signature). On the day that I was there, Lexi was whipping up a batch of chocolate chai macarons.

Droolicious to say the least! Check out my Vine.

ma mere maison

ma mere maison

ma mere maison

ma mere maison

ma mere maison

Lexi Bechet

ma mere maison

ma mere maison


One Comment on “Ma Mère Maison”

  1. That nougat. Its life changing!
    Love your blog xx

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