Happy Easter

From my kitchen to yours!




The World’s Most Beautiful Marathon

Today was race day in Cape Town!  The Two Oceans Marathon is always a highlight of the Easter weekend. I’ve run the half (21.1km) but unfortunately this year I was a bit slow in entering. Its so strange to think that in 2009 I ran it with my boyfriend at the time ..and today he was running the ultra!!  Gosh. 

Anyway, I was among the many spectators at the start of Union Ave, and it was so much fun seeing people that I know and shouting for them. It was also great knowing that I didnt have to conquer Southern Cross Drive before the birds started chirping. My body was much more thankful for a takeaway coffee from Knead.

having said that, watching all the runners pounding away on the tar and making their way towards the finish at UCT, had me itching to be one of them.. even just for a few km’s!  I’ve been telling myself I must seriosuly get back on the road.. and after this weekend, I know it NEEDS to happen. Just need to get my mind right.

Who knows.. maybe next year I will qualify for the Ultra!  PAAAHAHAHA!!

Happy Easter!

Today is Good Friday, I think it was the day that Jesus made his way  into Jerusalem riding on a donkey? and people waved palm trees? or leaves?  or something like that.  Well, all I know is that its a holiday for Christians all over the world and also the real start of EASTER! Aka nonstop chocolate -gorging weekend. Yes folks, get those stretchy pants out cause its gonna get messy.

Have yourselves a wonderful time with family, friends and special people. Be safe and eat and drink responsibly.

Excuse me, while I quickly top up my bowl of speckled eggs. Gosh, look at the time, its only 9.30 in the morning! 

What can i say?  Its Easter!