Christmas with Woolworths

Somebody, stop the clock!

I’m looking at my calendar now and it’s shouting that there are 26 days left of this year. How in the name of chocolate is that possible??!

The festive season has hit – and hard! Towards the end of November I had a (very) welcome 10 day hiatus from real life (as you can guess from lack of posts) and when I got back, apart from soaking in the Southern hemisphere’s sunshine-drenched days, I landed into a flurry of activity and excitement.

So much to do and so little time!


We cooked a lovely Food24 Christmas lunch on Friday at my editor’s house and invited a special guest whose restaurant, The Test Kitchen has just been named Restaurant of the Year by EatOut. Luke Dale Roberts , the talented chef and all round superhuman, has his own special Christmas range at Woolworths. We showcased that, together with Woolworths’ regular array of scrumptious Christmas offerings.

It was a day of wine, food and merriment! Take a look…

Right, so now there’s a 4 day interval until the next tray of mince pies Christmas party. *starts running on the spot*

Disclaimer: I received no compensation for publishing this post and all opinions are my own.


It’s been a while

If you’re new to these parts, welcome! And if not, I’m baaaaaaaaack 🙂

Sorry about the disappearing act. You know how it is. One thing leads to another and before you know it, days have passed, then weeks have passed and poor little blog finds itself cast aside like an unwanted toy. Terrible. Tsssk.

You’ll have noticed things are a bit different around here. GWAT has a new look. The blog is one week shy of its first blogiversary, so thought it needed a fresh face to you keep things…well, fresh.

Let’s just have a quick recap: My last post included a review of The Table at De Meye. Incidently I was there for lunch again on Sunday. (It clearly made an impression, didn’t it!)

My favourite part of Sunday’s meal was dessert. Pears poached in coffee with deliciously smooth, creamy chocolate ice cream served in dainty little chocolate cups. Mmmmmm. I liked the bitterness that the coffee brought forward as it contrasted nicely with the sweet fruit and chocolate.

Pear poached in coffee with chocolate ice cream. Heaven!

Thinking about it now, as much as I love dessert, I don’t really have that much of a sweet tooth. I like the combination and contrast of bitter vs sweet or tart vs sweet. Is that strange?

Speaking of bitter, how do you feel about marmalade?

My editor gave me a jar of the Chaloner marmalade a few weeks ago to try (she doesn’t eat it because of the bitterness), but I thought it was fantastic. You can definitely taste that it’s been produced with high quality citrus and it was so nice and chunky with long, thick strips of Seville orange. I used it in a recipe that I’ll be sharing soon.

A jar of deliciousness, hand-crafted by the Chaloner family in Stellenbosch.

OK, Must get back to work, but before I do and as a complete side note (see what I mean about one thing leading to another?!), please check out a small piece that I published on Food24 yesterday. It was kindly written by my friend Sean. If you’re into beer, or rather craft beer, check it out.

Have a wonderful Tchooozday guys