Franschhoek Winter Wines

Franschhoek isn’t shy about hosting a wine festival! The little town has dozens sprinkled across its yearly calendar and I’m almost embarrassed to admit that I had never been to a single one…. until this weekend! It may have been small in comparison to the popular Bastille Festival or the Franschhoek Festival of Bubbles but it was fun nonetheless.

Franschhoek Winter Wines focuses on some of the beautiful red wines that emerge from the region’s vineyards. The main attraction however wasn’t the wine, but rather the venue (L’Ormarins), which is home to the Franschhoek Motor Museum. My word! If you are a vintage car enthusiast then this place is your piece of heaven on earth! The museum showcases cars from every era imaginable. A real treat for history buffs too – there are cars there that were produced from as far back as 1904! I’ve been to the museum before with my family (my grandfather used to collect vintage cars so we simply HAD to take him! And I won’t mention how long we ended up staying that day…).

Although Saturday’s weather did its best to discourage us from driving out to Franschhoek in the rain, I’m glad I went. Give me any excuse to visit the winelands! Plus, getting a ride in a cute old Lancia is rather novel if you ask me!

Up next: Franschhoek Uncorked. Who’s going?