Sheee-aat girl !!

I just happened to stumble upon some photographic evidence of why my race was cancelled on Saturday! *Gulp*

Let’s just say I’m relieved I never made it past the the starting line!


Disasters and disappointments

On Saturday morning I received this email from the Knysna marathon organisers:

“Dear Tessa
Due to flooding and serious safety concerns the 2012 Forest Marathon is cancelled.

The Race Team”

Obviously I was really bumbed about not being able to run the race but thinking about how terrible the conditions were, I doubt I would have lasted 10Km in the ceaseless, pouring rain. It was coming down in buckets!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Another thing that annoyed me slightly was that I had carbo-loaded rather adequately the day before – starting with snacks in the car..

Sesame pretzel sticks dipped in peanut butter

A few too many choc-chip muffins! I baked these the night before and you wouldn’t believe it but they took me a total of about 12 minutes to prepare! So quick and easy.

I was given this pre-mix by Wellness Warehouse a few months ago and it’s been sitting patiently in my grocery cupboard waiting to be baked into sugary chocolatey treats. Thankfully I had my rugby-playing, food-hoover of a brother to assist in the eating department 😉

A chicken burger and half a pizza later, I decided I was more than well-fueled for Saturday.

Every cloud has a silver lining

Although the disappointment of having no race to run left me feeling rather dispirited, the upside was the idea of brunch at Ile de Pain! Think of this place as South Africa’s bakery Mecca.

The food was glorious and quelled all my down-cast feelings. Don’t you love how food can do that? (Although I must say that it can also be a very slippery slope. hashtag emotional eating!)

French toast with berries and Mascarpone.

Almond croissant. If you find a better croissant in SA.. let me know!!!!

What do you do in Knysna when it’s pouring with rain? Yip, we asked ourselves that very question. Thankfully the 5-star Turbine Hotel came to our rescue. The place is very unique and you can read all about it here. They have a nice big open bar area with two flat-screen TV’s, so of course the boys were only too happy to make themselves comfortable with a brewskie in hand and a chance to catch some of the rugby.

I decided  to indulge in a glass of bubbles.


It was a pleasurable way to spend the afternoon… but in all honesty I would much rather have  run the race and gotten muddy and sweaty with blisters on my feet.

But that’s just me.

ile de Pain logo sourced here.




A fun weekend awaits

The clock is ticking and in T minus 48 hours I’ll have completed the Knysna half marathon as a SuperHero2Chase! Whoohoo!

There’s only one thing that’s concerning me. I’ve just checked the weather forecast for the weekend…and it ain’t looking pretty 😦

I’m hoping that it won’t be too cold and wet but oh well.. it should be a blast anyway as my whole family will be there as well as life long friends who a pretty much family too. So things could be worse.

I’m just finishing up at work and preparing things for while I’m away, and then I’m heading home to pack and sort out our padkos for tomorrow morning. I’m driving up to Knysna early with my little brother and his girlf (who’s also running for Chase), so we’ll need some sustenance for the drive..and loads of carbs (carbo-loading).

We have a reservation for tomorrow night at a place called Mo’s, which was a recommendation from a Knysna local!

Anyone been?




Running Knysna half marathon for Chase Winshaw

How to avoid obesity while working for an online food publication:

Enter a marathon. (Well, half marathon!)

In an attempt to keep the kilo’s off this winter while still enjoying all my favourite comfort foods (read chocolate and red wine), I’ve entered the Knysna half marathon. Plus it’s actually a really fun race. One I haven’t run in 3 years. Gaah!

I’ll be doing it for the Superhero2Chase charity which raises funds for Chase Winshaw, a little boy with cerebral palsy.

Now, about training…

Since I’ve recently moved to a different part of town I’ve had to get used to running in a totally different neighbourhood. Of course I miss the ‘burbs’- running through Newlands forest, beautiful Constantia and Bishop’s Court . I also miss the stunning views along Chapman’s Peak. The Atlantic seaboard just has that calming ocean-ness about it. I’m really really loving my new neighbourhood though and discovering a different part of it each day.

I think I’ve found Oranjezicht’s “promenade”!

Molteno Reservoir is a very calming place to walk/run and the views over the city bowl’s high-rise buildings, are just magical.

I also love passing the cute-looking houses lining the (rather hilly!) streets. They all have a certain charm and character to them that sort of make me want to knock on the door and invite myself in for tea.



Anyway, now that it’s winter and daylight hours are at a dispiriting minimum,  I’ve had to resort to running on the treadmill during the week (kill me now!!!!!) or hope to increase my fitness with short 45 min fartlek runs.

I think I need to up my game a bit. I have just under 10 weeks.

That’s enough time right? …